hello, artful friends!

welcome to my new blog!

this is my very first post. i have to start off by saying thanks to my hubbie for helping me figure out the tech things to do this, hopefully i’ll be able to handle posting on a weekly basis without too much assistance ;)

have a quick look around, it shouldn’t take too long {well…that is if i did it correct}

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4 comments on “hello, artful friends!
  1. Dana says:

    YAY!!! So glad to see you start a dot com no less!! I’ve been browsing your other posts and just love being able to see all the step outs and process pics!! xoxo Dana

  2. JJMS86 says:

    awww, thanks so much dana, i could not have done it without hubbie’s help, he has wanted me to have a blog for quite some time, so it’s now up and running (although there are some errors with links etc that will soon be fixed) thanks so much for dropping by, i really appreciate your feedback! :)

  3. joyce says:

    oh yay…happy snoooopy nose dans

  4. JJMS86 says:

    i’ve done a couple of those myself lately, hehe :D

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