thrifting at the flea market

once every couple of months for the past few years, there has been a thrifty flea market type sale at a local venue close to my home, area vendors selling their junk and vintage  treasures. i’ve been many times since it started  a few years ago. the thing i like about it the most is the fact that there are such characters selling and buying! (it’s a facinating study in human behavior for sure!) and also the fact that it really is a treasure hunt, you never ever know what you are going to find!  i usually go with a couple friends, so we can look for “our own” treasures and then meet up again every so often to do show and tell. we give each other tips about what we’ve seen that needs further digging and so on…it’s become a saturday i really look forward to!!! so although i wasn’t really “looking” for anything specific — since i’d just come back from the longest garage sale a month prior having found pretty much all of my wish list — i set off to just have a great time visiting with my friend :) …..but of course, me being me…i bought all sorts of very inexpensive items from some really great people! not sure exactly what I’m going to do with every piece yet, but I’m sure they will be given a new life in a new home…sooner or later ;)

here are a few pics of things i couldn’t say no to…

Vintage ephemera 1vintage ephemera 2vintage ephemera 3

vintage ephemera 4vintage ephemera 5

please let me know if you like to thrift and what types of things amuse you, whether to buy or just look at…thanks for stopping by



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2 comments on “thrifting at the flea market
  1. Carol Hodges says:

    I love your treasures. You’ll have to tell me please wher this is.

  2. JJMS86 says:

    Thanks….but sadly they’ve stopped doing this particular market

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