lost & found laundry room boxes

lost n found 1a

recently one of my good friends from twitter gifted me these wooden boxes. (thanks again MC ;) so i wanted to try my hand at making a youtube video tutorial, but that proved more challenging and time consuming than renovating the actual boxes!

here are a few quick pictures of the before and after, along with the agonizing youtube…i apologize in advance :/

lost n found 1


lost n found 3


lost n found 2


lost n found 4

lost n found 1bhowever, it was an enjoyable process watercoloring on the boxes…and i love the way they turned out, so it’s all good :)

p.s. i realized afterwards accidentally (while attaching the clothespin) that the clear wax had not sealed the inktense watercolors–not sure why, because I thought they were permanent once dried?!?–so i coated the boxes with two coats of water-based satin polycrylic just to be safe…guess it’s all a learning process :)

please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below….

and i’m just wondering…..have you ever watercolored on wood?


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