gluten free bisquick pancakes

i must tell you that since going gluten free over two years ago due to my diagnosis of celiac disease, i can count on one hand how many times i’ve tried making gluten free pancakes as a special Sunday breakfast treat. but i was always sorely disappointed with my results, they were either grainy or flat or just plain gross — not to mention, expensive to make :(


but recently i tried a box of gluten free bisquick baking mix, making a batch of pancakes using the simple directions on the package. i wasn’t sure at all if i would be affected by this new mix, but was really hopeful that i wouldn’t react! thankfully, betty crocker takes being gluten free seriously and the mix is processed in a completely gluten free facility, as well as being corn free (i’m having a common cross reaction to corn/corn starch now also)

pancakes boxpancakes box 2

i’m happy to report that the pancakes were a complete success!!!

they were absolutely heavenly!!! light, fluffy and super yummy — no grainy texture or weird off-putting flavors! (and i had no side effects!)

pancakes cooking

so once again i can look forward to have pancakes for a special treat on occasion! (but as I seem to feel better when not eating grains at all, this will be one of my restricted exceptions)

pancakes finished
So if you have celiac disease, gluten-sensitivity (or friends/relatives coming to your home for the holidays that do) please give these bisquick pancakes a try, I don’t think you’ll be able to tell they are gluten free at all!

please feel free to leave me a question or comment below

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