hellooooo… i’m back…..

well well…loooooong time no see, LOL…’s been a while since my last post because we bought and moved into a new condo…..all the while doing home renovations…yikes!
i insisted on a complete kitchen gutting and remodel, due to my severe food allergies…and although it was the right decision…it hasn’t been without its share of extreme difficulty….i’m loving how everything looks and works now in my brand new coastal kitchen, even though there are minor issues and work to be completed.

what’s that saying?!?…rome wasn’t built in a day…well…this house won’t be either!

so, since i’ve been “babysitting” contractors for over two years now…with scarce time for moving into or organizing my studio…not to mention doing any art…..let me just say…i’m over it! although things are slightly improved around the house in general, we are still not even close to being finished…so i’ve decided that my artistic life must go on, as should my blog and teaching classes again…so i’ll be carving out dedicated times for “art only”!

over the course of the last many months…any free time i did have was used up working on refinishing furniture… in a new space requires “new” finishes, am i right?!?

i’m still LOVING annie sloan chalk paint, but i’ve tested out several other brands…..there has been such a plethora of paints added to the market…it’s hard to choose a favorite! each brand seems to have something special to offer….so i’m trying out different techniques and faux finishes, which have been fun along with LOTS of learning…..gotta say… love of art supplies has served me well over the years, but especially now during this home renovation…there is mandala stenciling on the walls, texture paste on cabinet doors and glazing medium on just about anything!

…anyway…..enough blabbing…..let’s get on to some photos, shall we?

{and thanks for coming back to see what I’ve been up to….i very much appreciate it!}


before kitchen renovation

computer rendering images


mid kitchen renovation


after kitchen renovation







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2 comments on “hellooooo… i’m back…..
  1. Carol Hodges says:

    Just so pretty. I love your back splash choice.

  2. JJMS86 says:

    Thanks Carol…we are really loving it also…and we’re actually cooking together some nights!

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