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so…..after we moved into our new home…i decided to start looking for pieces of furniture to fit our new space better…but with all the chaos of the renovations happening, sadly, i had no free time to go garage sale shopping or thrift store hunting during normal business hours. but what i did have at my disposal were a few “local” online garage sale groups on facebook.
so, every night instead of zoning…i chose to seek out bargains online. Within a few nights i got the hang of how the sites worked and how often/when people listed new items.

i wanted to start decorating our downstairs entryway first…
it’s such a small space, but it needed to serve several purposes…..obviously.
i started looking for a corner hutch…not too wide, not too “country” looking…..and it needed an enclosed space and a drawer would be useful.
After several weeks…i stumbled upon a piece….i liked the design, but thought it might be a little too short for our extremely high ceilings in the entry…i thought it might look tiny and overwhelmed in the space. but, i took a chance and showed the picture to my hubbie…he loved it…so i contacted the seller, we arranged a meet and off we went to buy it.

here is how it looked when we bought it…

i’m not sad to report it cost me all of $86! i pondered what color scheme/style finish i wanted…then headed to pinterest for further inspiration. before long i had my idea and set out to design how to rebuild the piece to make it slightly taller.

i removed and added taller trim molding at the top and new legs/feet and cut moldings to cover at the bottom.

anyway…..i think you get the point…it was a much longer process than i anticipated….but it’s completed and in it’s new home!
here is the finished hutch…i’m very pleased i took the extra time to “personalize” it for our space and décor.

thanks for taking a look! ;)

(and a few extra pics to help you see it up close)



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