surfboard striped saddle stool

hey there…just a quickie post today…..went to pinstyle market   (a fabulous shop at a new location in Stuart, Florida!!!)  on my anniversary a few weeks ago with hubbie…and he bought me new  paint!!! (he sure knows the way to this girl’s heart!)

so the very first thing i painted was his favorite saddle stool (which he mostly uses as a side table/drop zone)

this looks similar to ours before painting


…to continue with our new home’s “beach” theme and to honor the memory of our favorite aunt (she was a fantastic “surfer girl” in the early 70’s)  i just had to do a surfboard stripe as a nod to her in our new place…..(love & miss you margaret!!!)


after (close up)

entryway hallway


i’m really loving the new rethunkjunk paint by laura…..the prep is as simple as 1…2…3, plus the paint goes on so nice and smooth, dries quickly too!…

i didn’t even have any issues with paint pulling up when i removed the blue painters tape i’d used to make the stripes, that’s impressive!

believe it or not….laura herself, liked my little stool so much she gave me the sweetest shout out on her most recent facebook live

— thursday’s at 3ish —

i won a lovely gift of more paint…can’t wait!!! thank you soooooooo much laura!!! :)

laura giving me a shout out…sooooo exciting!!

so…go swing by her site, watch a few videos for painting inspiration…then order some online (or look for your local retailer)…I just know you’ll love it!!!

or if you are in the state of florida, stop by pinstyle market


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