vintage market shopping quick tips

thought i’d stop in today and give you some of my own quick tips on shopping vintage/antique markets and even your local thrift stores.

  • i like to keep a list of current “wants” on my phone in the “memo or notes” section, with dimensions of things and spaces items can go in or dimensions of items that would fit on a certain wall or in a certain space.


  • always bring a tape measure with you — a retractable spring loaded one is best…..smaller the better. a good friend of mine found me the best one – it’s bright yellow and has a clip on it, so it can attach to the outside of my purse for ease of use…no digging in the bottom of my bag! :)


  • if you’re decorating a certain corner, room or space in your home — take a picture or two on your phone prior to going out shopping, so that you can envision either the color, shape or height of a piece in your space


  • while out browsing for things, if you spot something that catches your eye — think to yourself — how would this piece be useful??
    how could it add to the storage space, display space or overall feel to my home/room??

recently i was in melbourne, florida at one of my favorite shops called  junk & co.   the owner, robyn (who is just the sweetest thing ever!!) found a joy of cooking cookbook for me in my favorite color (and era -1960’s) and put it aside until the next time i came in. i’ve only been to her store a couple of times with a girlfriend, but she remembered our discussions about what we look for, and our obsessions with certain things and eras…….and as i am always interested in vintage cookbooks..she had an immediate sale….isn’t it lovely???? this particular one is from 1964 and is just the best shade of aqua…perfect for display in my coastal kitchen….don’t you think??

i’ve told her how fabulous her eye is for staging things!!! her store is just amazing!!! it takes me at least 3 times around it to make sure i’ve actually seen everything!
i love the “battered” old pages and it even had some handwritten recipes tucked inside from the previous owner….
yummmmmmm…. potato pancakes!

do you have a specific way of browsing through markets or shops…..any tips on locating things you love?? feel free to share them in the comment section below!

i’d like to suggest a few local vintage markets that i’ve been to recently and also some of my favorite vintage retail shops in the state of florida.

here is a link to my growing list of favorites etc…

–my favorites–



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