hello there!

i’m joyce (aka jj)…..thanks for coming to my blog!

here’s a little bit about me:

i truly love my hubbie (30+) years. i also LOVE making things but can’t seem to stick with just one artistic endeavor for very long, so my craft room is full of bins with ongoing projects. anything relating to the beach and vintage items make my heart flutter too…papers, linens, buttons, ribbons and lace…i love it all!!! in my art, i’m partial to using watercolors, making handmade cards and scrapbooks using my collection of vintage ephemera. another thing i’ve loved to do for many years is alter furniture and wood items, but occasionally i still find time to art journal here and there.

i cook for a living, so i’m also quite partial to that. however being diagnosed with celiac disease in june 2012, everything in my own home is gluten-free!!! it’s been rather challenging working in the food industry since my diagnosis, but so far so good. my other interests include thrifting, gluten-free baking and salt water aquariums… extremely varied & random…i know

i’m blogging for fun… no stress allowed! mostly to show things that i’ve made or to share an idea or recipe. i’ll try to tell a little story here and there, if it fits with the mood, but not always. i’ll try to keep my posts short and my ranting to a minimum, but being gluten-free isn’t always easy, so there may be one thrown in for good measure, just to keep it real. i’ll try to take nice pictures, but i’m not a photographer, so they may not be great…i apologize in advance! and if you don’t see new posts for awhile, it might be because i’ve been “glutened” or i’m just busy with everyday life, either way…no worries…i will eventually return.

to conclude, my purpose for starting this blog is to promote creativity thru upcycling vintage items, wellness by eating gluten-free organic whole foods & help strengthen an art-friendly community!

let’s get on with it, shall we?


6 comments on “welcome!
  1. Tina Riley says:

    hi there friend! Nice blog. Have fun sharing.

  2. JJMS86 says:

    thanks tina, glad you enjoyed your little visit :) i sure miss seeing you around, so hope we can hang out real soon!

  3. Darcie says:

    Yay JJ! Very pretty blog, will really love coming here. XO

  4. JJMS86 says:

    thanks so much darcie! i had a lot of help from hubbie, but i’m learning slowly…so stay tuned ;)

  5. joyce says:

    I always seem to chicken out when I think of creating a blog. welcome you vintage joy.

  6. Joyce says:

    aww, don’t chicken out…go for it! blogging can be pretty simple if you keep to the basics…i’d be your first subscriber & would love to see what you’d come up with :)

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